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Ísfell is a leading company in the field of fishing gear service and the sale of commercial fishing supplies, binding products, hoisting equipment and various other operating supplies.

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Regatta flotation suits

Ísfell has an agreement with Regatta in Norway to sell their product in Iceland. Regatta manufactures water repellent and wind proof clothing from PVC coated nylon fabric. This sea clothes was manufactured in close collaboration with Norwegian sailors, with considering taken to that it would be convenient to wear and work in the clothing. Regatta flotation suits come in 3 kinds but in different qualities. All of the suits are designed for recreational and industrial purpose and also for tourist-ism and have a certification for Icelandic Transport Authority.

Trawl gear

Ísfell emphasizes that the resistance of the fishing gear is as small as possible so that they are lighter in hauling, the trawl’s fishing ability is good and that the maintenance cost of the fishing gear is at the lowest. The choice of material in the trawl is a major factor in achieving good results, and in recent years new and better materials have been emerging that have certainly resulted in better results and durability. These include traditional PE nets, Compact nets, Dyneema net and ropes including streamlined trawl floats (Hydro-Dynamic).

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