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Ísfell is a leading company in the field of fishing gear service and the sale of commercial fishing supplies, binding products, hoisting equipment, and various other operating supplies.


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Regatta manufactures wind and waterproof clothing in PVC coated polyester material. These clothes were developed in close co-operation with Norwegian fishermen. Particular attention was paid to making the clothes easy to put on and work in. All suites are designed for industrial, tourist and recreational purposes and have approval from the Icelandic Maritime Administration.

Ísfell is one of the leading companies in the design and manufacturing bottom trawls.

Our bottom trawls are customized to fit our customer’s needs. Ísfell’s bottom trawls are designed in various types and sizes for single or multi-rig.

Ísfell’s bottom trawls are used in diverse fishing grounds as off Iceland, Greenland, Norway, Barents-Sea, Newfoundland, Canda and Labrador.

Ísfell experienced designers emphasizes constant design using the latest technology like computer simulations and underwater camera. 

Our goal is to design trawls with:

  • Good catching capabilities
  • Fishing gear resistance is as little as possible to make them lighter for towing
  • To keep low maintenance costs 

For more details about our bottom trawls please contact our sale representatives


Breyttur opnunartími

Frá og með 15/1 2021 verður opnunartími á föstudögum frá 8-15 Opnunartími mánudaga – fimmtudaga verður óbreyttur frá 8-17


Focus on bottom trawls.

Ísfell´s tank trip is going to be held in the North Sea Center experimental tank at Hirtshals 20-23 of November. The main goal of the trip is to do tests on bottom trawls of various