Lifting equipment and fall protection

Ísfell is the only company in Iceland that is a member of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA). LEEA is an international association of lifting technology industries, which operates globally and is a leading organization in terms of all operations of companies that use and manufacture lifting equipment. Ísfell specializes itself in the sale of hoisting and fall protection equipment and is authorized to inspect equipment, that is obligatory to do at least once a year.




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Egill Kári Helgason

Technician - Lifting & Fall Protection Equipment

Gunnar Halldór Gunnarsson

Technician and Sales Representative Lifting & Fall Protection Equipment

Hjörtur Cýruson

Sales Manager - Lifting, Safety & Industry

Ingimar Halldórsson

Technical Manager - Lifting & Hoisting, Safety

Jón Matthías Helgason

Technician - Lifting & Fall Protection Equipment

Þorvaldur Sigurðsson

Operations Manager - Service Station