Assembled lashing system

TypeChain diameter mmLC lashing capacity kNSTF Standard tension force daNTension distance mm
ZRSW 78mm501.900145
ZRSW 1010mm803.000145
ZRSW 1313mm1342.500290

Load binder and lashing chain, two part system

Load binder (RSW), connecting links (CW) and grab hook with safety catch (PSW)

Clevis sling hook (KHSW) and lashing chain (WIN 200)

Load binder with lashing chain and/or hook on both ends, one-part system

The length of the chain can be adjusted to the needs of the customers, as well as the type of hook on the ends. The grab hook needs to have a safety catch in order to comply with EN 12195.

Load binder (RSW), lashing chain (WIN 200), connecting links (CW), clevis sling hook (KHSW) and clevis grab hook with safety catch (KPSW)