Excellent knowhow & services

Ísfell is one of Iceland´s leading companies in the field of fishing gear service and sale of commercial fishing supplies, safety equipment, binding supplies, hoisting equipment, and other operating products.

The company’s services are first and foremost characterized by its excellent range of quality goods, reliability to customers and outstanding staff who have extensive knowledge of fishing gear, operating goods and fishermen’s safety issues. The management and staff intend to maintain their reputation as one of Iceland´s leading fisheries warehouses.

Bottom trawls

Ísfell is one of the leading companies in the design and manufacturing bottom trawls.

Our bottom trawls are customized to fit our customer’s needs. Ísfell’s bottom trawls are designed in various types and sizes for single or multi-rig.

Ísfell’s bottom trawls are used in diverse fishing grounds as off Iceland, Greenland, Norway, Barents-Sea, Newfoundland, Canda and Labrador.

Ísfell experienced designers emphasizes constant design using the latest technology like computer simulations and underwater camera. 

Our goal is to design trawls with:

  • Good catching capabilities.
  • Fishing gear resistance is as little as possible to make them lighter for towing.
  • To keep maintenance costs as low as possible. 

For more details about our bottom trawls please contact our sale representatives

Ísfell is one of the leading companies offering longline fishing gear. We offer one-stop shopping where our customers can get all supplies for the longline fishing fleet. Longlining is an environmentally friendly catching method that also preserves the quality of the fish. 

Pelagic trawls

Ísfell manufactures pelagic trawls for all types of fishing and uses only high-quality raw materials from recognized manufacturers. We at Ísfell are quick to adopt all innovations that lead to better results and greater durability of the fishing gear.

The trawls are designed by Ísfell employees who have decades of experience in assembling and handling fishing gear. The trawls are designed to have excellent fishing abilities and are light to tow, sturdy, highly durable and easy to use.

The trawl is all specifically tailored to suit each vessel according to its engine size and towing capabilities. The choice of material and good design of the trawl is a major factors in achieving good results.

In recent years new and better technology in designing like computer simulations and materials have been emerging that have certainly resulted in better results and durability.

For more details about our pelagic trawls please contact our sales representatives.

Ísfell offers high-quality Purse seines for various fishing like Capelin, Herring and Mackrel. With decades of experience in design and workmanship, each purse seine is customized to the highest demand for our customers.

In our manufacturing, we use the best possible material on the market from suppliers like King Chou and Garware.

In Vestman Island our main purse seine operating base our goals are KnowHow – Service – Quality.  

Ísfell server gillnet fishing with quality monofilament and multifilament nets, which are suitable for fishing cod, lumpfish, and monkfish. Ísfell offers sewn mounting of monkfish, Greenland halibut, and lump fishnets. The company also offers traditional mounting of cod nets and cutting of all nets.

Ísfell offers great services and a good variety of fishing gear, including net clearer and hauler. Net clearer comes either as a single or double motor. We also have spare parts in stock.

Ísfell is an agent for a combination rope from the Norwegian company Selstad, which has the largest market share in seine net combination rope in Iceland. The seine net combination rope is a speciality made product and ordered according to the needs of customers.