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Operating supplies for swivels

Great selection of swivels, stoppers, aluminum ferrules and pliers, see more in catalog p.


Product numberDiameter mmOther
241605,5Line-stopper 5.5mm
241616,0Line-stopper 6,0mm
241627,0Line-stopper 7,0mm
241639,0Line-stopper 9,0mm

Clamp with swivel

Product numberDiameter mmOther
241565,5Line clamp with swivel 5.5mm
241576,0Line clamp with swivel 6.0mm
241587,0Line clamp with swivel 7,0mm
241599,0Line clamp with swivel 9,0mm
2028011,5Steel clamp with swivel
312189,5Line clamp with swivel 9,5mm

Aluminium ferrules

Product numberProduct name
29143Aluminium ferrules 2.3mm, single for 2.0 mm line
29145Aluminium ferrules 2.4 mm, single for 2.2 mm line
29545Aluminium ferrules 2.6 mm, for 2.2 mm line
29304Aluminium ferrules 2.8 mm, single for 2.5 mm line
Product numberProduct name
29007Aluminium ferrules 4.2 mm – 20 mm, double
29144Aluminium ferrules 4.6 mm, double for 4.2 mm line
29313Aluminum ferrules 5.0mm, double.

Swivels with open eyelet

Product numberOther
20275w/ open eyelet No. 3/0


Product numberProduct name
29150Fishing line cutters
20350Pincers 7 for stopper
29307Rotor swivel plier – hand tool
29008Rotor swivel pliers DJ-1000
25783Ferrule pliers for 5.5 mm
25784Ferrule pliers for 6.0mm
25785Ferrule pliers for 7.0mm
25786Ferrule pliers for 9.0mm
25879Ferrule pliers to open for 5.5/6.0mm
25880Ferrule pliers to open for 7.0mm
25881Ferrule pliers to open for 9.0mm
24114Hook cutters Knipex w/spring
28990Hook cutters Knipex w/spring Cobolt
20334Hook cutters Knipex, 20 cm Arm
26297Stopper pliers for 5.5/6.0 mm
26298Stopper pliers for 7.0 mm
26299Stopper pliers for 9.0 mm
Gunnar Þorsteinsson
Einar Sævarsson
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