Mustad Coastal longlining system

Fall arrest equipment
Miscellaneous safety equipment
Rescue and floatation suits
Chains blocks and ratchet lever hoist
eyebolts, eyenuts and eyelinks
Various lifting equipment
Eyebolts and eyenuts
Floation suits
Lashing equipment for on shore transport standard 1295, straps
Lashing equipment G10 for on shore transport standard 1295
Shackles, carabine hooks and quick links
Strapping and packing solutions
Various industry equipment
Wire rope and includes
Gillnets fishery
Jigging fishery
Longline fishery
Schalke’s and Connectors
Seine fishery
Trawl fishery
Cage net
Lice skirt
Operating goods for aquaculture

The Mustad Autoline Coastal™ System is a strong and proven solution developed in Norway.

Mustad Autoline Coastal™ System is designed for vessels from 30 feet, setting and hauling 6 – 30,000 hooks in in-shore and often rocky sea-beds. The system requires little space and is reliable and easy to maintain. See more information in the catalog p. 110-115.

Discover the benefits

• Fresh bait – better catch • High baiting percentage • Labor-saving operations • Motivated crew • Easy to use • A proven and solid solution • Low maintenance cost • Excellent training and service agreement • Easy to install and dismantle to adjust to seasonal fisheries • Passive and sustainable fishing method

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