Miscellaneous safety equipment

Fall arrest equipment
Miscellaneous safety equipment
Rescue and floatation suits
Chains blocks and ratchet lever hoist
eyebolts, eyenuts and eyelinks
Various lifting equipment
Eyebolts and eyenuts
Floation suits
Lashing equipment for on shore transport standard 1295, straps
Lashing equipment G10 for on shore transport standard 1295
Shackles, carabine hooks and quick links
Strapping and packing solutions
Various industry equipment
Wire rope and includes
Gillnets fishery
Jigging fishery
Longline fishery
Schalke’s and Connectors
Seine fishery
Trawl fishery
Cage net
Lice skirt
Operating goods for aquaculture
Product numberProduct nameComments
223144Day shapes on ships when fishing – ball shaped
325374Day shapes on ships when fishing – cone shapedTo make two triangles angle to angle requires two cones
415227Reflective tape in metres5 mm, 50 metra
511250Flag, national flag 36 x 50 cm
11252Flag, national flag 54 x 75 cm
11253Flag, national flag 72 x 100 cm
16191Flag, national flag 108 x 150 cm
723381Hearing protectors 3M 1430
28021Hearing protectors with radio PeltorWith FM and MP3 plug
24105Hearing protectors w/radioPeltor 401
828084Distress transmitter, free-floating GME MT403FFTransmission frequency 406/121,5MHz
27607Boat hook, aluminium, extendableLength 118-204 cm
Product numberProduct nameComments
23166Rope ladder 4 metres14 steps
23167Rope ladder 5 metres17 steps
23168Rope ladder 6 metres20 steps
23174Rope ladder 10 metres33 steps
115317Pilot’s ladder 2.5 metresMarkús Lifenet
23175Pilot’s ladder 4 metres – conductor12 steps
23176Pilot’s ladder 5 metres – conductor15 steps
223177Pilot’s ladder 6 metres – conductor18 steps
23979Pilot’s ladder 7 metres – conductor21 steps
23980Pilot’s ladder 8 metres – conductor24 steps
311332Rubber steps for ship’s ladder3 bottom steps in ship’s ladder clad with rubber
11336Rope, 20 mm for ship’s/rope ladder
411334Wood conductor in ship´s ladder
511333Wooden step for ship’s/rope ladder
Product numberProduct nameComments
20147Boat hook iron with blunt hook – man hookStock aluminium pipes up to 6 m to use with
245814-pronged hook, stainless, 6 m x 30 mmWith blunt hook
256004-pronged hook iron
22289Sticker, emergency exit to right
22290Sticker, emergency exit down
22286Sticker, emergency exit to left
214091Neoprene hood, 3 mmSizes M-XL
322260Information signs 15×15 cm, plasticEmergency exit, fire extinguishers and fire hoses
322261Information signs 20×20 cm, aluminiumExtinguishers and fire hoses
322262Information signs 15×15 cm, aluminiumEmergency exit, fire extinguishers and fire hoses
322258Information signs 10×20 cmEmergency exit, fire extinguishers and fire hoses
322259Information signs 15×30 cmEmergency exit
322256Information signs 148×210 cmFirst aid, eyewash, stretchers
414800Flashlight, waterproof
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