Miscellaneous safety equipment

Product numberProduct nameComments
223144Day shapes on ships when fishing – ball shaped
325374Day shapes on ships when fishing – cone shapedTo make two triangles angle to angle requires two cones
415227Reflective tape in metres5 mm, 50 metra
511250Flag, national flag 36 x 50 cm
11252Flag, national flag 54 x 75 cm
11253Flag, national flag 72 x 100 cm
16191Flag, national flag 108 x 150 cm
723381Hearing protectors 3M 1430
28021Hearing protectors with radio PeltorWith FM and MP3 plug
24105Hearing protectors w/radioPeltor 401
828084Distress transmitter, free-floating GME MT403FFTransmission frequency 406/121,5MHz
27607Boat hook, aluminium, extendableLength 118-204 cm
Product numberProduct nameComments
23166Rope ladder 4 metres14 steps
23167Rope ladder 5 metres17 steps
23168Rope ladder 6 metres20 steps
23174Rope ladder 10 metres33 steps
115317Pilot’s ladder 2.5 metresMarkús Lifenet
23175Pilot’s ladder 4 metres – conductor12 steps
23176Pilot’s ladder 5 metres – conductor15 steps
223177Pilot’s ladder 6 metres – conductor18 steps
23979Pilot’s ladder 7 metres – conductor21 steps
23980Pilot’s ladder 8 metres – conductor24 steps
311332Rubber steps for ship’s ladder3 bottom steps in ship’s ladder clad with rubber
11336Rope, 20 mm for ship’s/rope ladder
411334Wood conductor in ship´s ladder
511333Wooden step for ship’s/rope ladder
Product numberProduct nameComments
20147Boat hook iron with blunt hook – man hookStock aluminium pipes up to 6 m to use with
245814-pronged hook, stainless, 6 m x 30 mmWith blunt hook
256004-pronged hook iron
22289Sticker, emergency exit to right
22290Sticker, emergency exit down
22286Sticker, emergency exit to left
214091Neoprene hood, 3 mmSizes M-XL
322260Information signs 15×15 cm, plasticEmergency exit, fire extinguishers and fire hoses
322261Information signs 20×20 cm, aluminiumExtinguishers and fire hoses
322262Information signs 15×15 cm, aluminiumEmergency exit, fire extinguishers and fire hoses
322258Information signs 10×20 cmEmergency exit, fire extinguishers and fire hoses
322259Information signs 15×30 cmEmergency exit
322256Information signs 148×210 cmFirst aid, eyewash, stretchers
414800Flashlight, waterproof
Ásgeir Örn Ásgeirsson
Hjörtur Cýruson

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