Miscellaneous longline goods

Fall arrest equipment
Miscellaneous safety equipment
Rescue and floatation suits
Chains blocks and ratchet lever hoist
eyebolts, eyenuts and eyelinks
Various lifting equipment
Eyebolts and eyenuts
Floation suits
Lashing equipment for on shore transport standard 1295, straps
Lashing equipment G10 for on shore transport standard 1295
Shackles, carabine hooks and quick links
Strapping and packing solutions
Various industry equipment
Wire rope and includes
Gillnets fishery
Jigging fishery
Longline fishery
Schalke’s and Connectors
Seine fishery
Trawl fishery
Cage net
Lice skirt
Operating goods for aquaculture

Longline brush

Product numberOther
20292Longline brush
29014Long line brush – circular

Long line colour

Product numberLitresOther
28268Line colours, litres, BI-TO-NET

Longline weights

Product numberWeight kgOther
203067,0Line weights 7 kg, lead
264097,0Line weights 7 kg, lead
203058,0Longline stones
2030710,0Line weights 10 kg, lead
2806111,0Line weights 11 kg, lead
2030815,0Longline weights

Racks and hook racks

Product numberOther
20321Aluminium racks, long 62 cm
20322Aluminium racks, short 48 cm
20324Hook racks, used
20323Hook racks, new


Product numberOther
29009Dies 2.0 mm
29332Dies 2.3 mm
29333Dies 2.6 mm
29334Dies 2.8 mm
29010Dies 4.2 mm

Detergents and disinfecting products.

Product numberDescriptionLtrOther
20315Longline soap, Tandur20
25196Rack oil20
29119Rack oil20Ondina
28831White Spirit20
Gunnar Þorsteinsson
Einar Sævarsson
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