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Lashing equipment G10 for on shore transport standard 1295
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We offer a selection of fall arrest harness, 1-3 point Contact our sales representative for more information or check out our selection in our catalog.

Product numberProduct nameLabelSizeBuckle
29562Fall arrest harness, 1-pointIKARUniversalQuick Buckle
29563Fall arrest harness, 2-pointIKARUniversalQuick Buckle
29567Fall arrest harness, 2-point with waist beltIKARUniversalQuick Buckle
35086Suspension fall arrest harness, w/waist and leg beltsKratosUniversalQuick Buckle
35087Fall arrest harness, Dynamic, 2-pointKratosUniversalQuick Buckle
35088Fall arrest harness, electrically insulated, 2-point w/waist beltKratosUniversalQuick Buckle
35089Fall arrest harness Non Fire, 2-pointKratosUniversalQuick Buckle
35091Fall arrest harness w/EN471 Workvest, 2 pointKratosUniversalQuick Buckle
11254Safetybelt 3001A, stern slipway beltKlippanM/XLQuick Buckle
11255Safetybelt 3001B, stern slipway beltKlippanXXLQuick Buckle
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