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Product numberProduct nameLabelLifelineLifeline lengthWeight
134670Double fall arrest blockIKARWire rope1,8 mtr2,26 kg
235417Fall arrest blockIKARWire rope1,8 mtr0,7 kg
329718Fall arrest blockIKARWire rope3,50 mtr1,2 kg
329719Fall arrest blockIKARWire rope5,50 mtr1,5 kg
429570Fall arrest block IKAR 6 steel rope 2,5 kgIKARWire rope6,0 mtr2,5 kg
429571Fall arrest block IKAR 12 steel rope 4,9 kgIKARWire rope12,0 mtr4,9 kg
429572Fall arrest block IKAR 18 steel rope 6,3 kgIKARWire rope18,0 mtr6,3 kg
530956Fall arrest block Sealed (stern slipway block)SALAStainless steel9,0 mtr7,0 kg
629718Fall arrest block, Olympe w/handleIKARWire rope3,50 mtr1,2 kg
729719Fall arrest block, Olympe w/handleIKARWire rope5,50 mtr1,5 kg
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