Operating goods

Ísfell is one of the most powerful companies in Iceland in binding machines, binding products, hoisting equipment, fall protection equipment, and various consumables. Courses and monitoring of hoisting and fall protection equipment is a service for customers of the highest quality, whereas the employees of the company have certification from an international surveillance company, the LEEA in England. Wire service is operated at all locations and an important part of the company´s services. With a wide range of products, Ísfell offers work and sailing wear, snow chains, tools and much more.

Quality first

The company’s services are mainly characterized by a good selection of quality products, reliability towards customers and excellent staff, with extensive knowledge of seafarers’ operational supplies and safety issues. Ísfell has many types of binding machines for both steel and plastic boards. Available handheld machines (hand, air, and electric) are suitable for less use. It also offers semi-automatic and automatic bending machines that are well suited for greater use and in a variety of conditions. We also have wrapping machines for plastic films.

At Ísfell, we offer top-quality cranes and tales from brands such as STAHL, where safety and good durability are the guiding principles. In our catalog, you will find detailed information on the pillars in a table that shows the permissible workload and the cross-section in meters and weights.

Regular monitoring of lifting gear is important. Experience has shown that when mistakes or accidents occur during hoisting operations, it is either due to the use of incorrect working practices or because the hoisting equipment is outdated, worn or has been damaged and has not been replaced or repaired.

It should be noted one of the innovations in Ísfell´s operations is to offer short and concise courses in the handling and use of hoisting equipment for company employees that are responsible for such work. The purpose of such training courses is to improve to hoisting, to decrease accidents and minimize the damage to goods and equipment that can occur of the work is done incorrectly.

Snow chains

Ísfell is the agent for TRYGG snow chains from Norway. The snow chains are suitable for all types of vehicles, trucks, tractors and heavy machinery in all shapes and sizes. Our employees will gladly provide service for our costumers regarding finding the right snow chains from TRYGG for your vehicles.


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