All main lifesaving equipment for sea and land

We have a large selection of all kinds of lifesaving equipment for sailors. The company’s services are mainly characterized by a good selection of quality products, reliability towards customers and excellent staff with extensive knowledge of life-saving equipment at sea and land. We have a good selection of various security products in stock, such as date tags, hearing protectors, emergency transmitters and much more.

Flotation suits

Ísfell has an agreement with Regatta in Norway for the sale of their goods in Iceland. Regatta was founded in 1950 and specializes in various types of flotation suits, including life vests, flotation work suits, and marine clothing. Ísfell stocks three types of flotation suits from Regatta, Active 911, Sportline 954 and Coastline 953. All suites have approval from the Icelandic Maritime Administration.

We also offer jackets and trousers with inbuilt flotation which is an interesting innovation from Regatta. These clothes were developed in close co-operation with Norwegian fishermen and with great consideration to making the clothes easy to put on and to work in.


Ísfell is the agent for Deutsche Schlauchboot GMBH (DSB). DSB has designed, developed and manufactured rubberized fabrics and products from such fabrics for over 60 years. Due to their extensive experience and knowledge, all the goods that DSB manufactures are a sign of safety, reliability, and quality.

Ísfell offers operating leases for life rafts, a most common practice in our neighboring countries.

Inspections for life-saving/rescue equipment

Ísfell is in partnership with five rescue equipment inspection stations located at many places in Iceland. All these inspection stations have been certified by both the Icelandic Marine Administration and the manufacturers of the rescue equipment that we supply.

Ísfell offers a diverse and good selection of fall protection equipment. Ísfell can provide in collaboration with customers and suppliers with larger protection systems and tailor them to the needs of customers.

Ísfell offers an inspection of fall protection equipment as well as course attendance regarding the use of fall protection equipment. Our staff has been trained regarding such equipment, recently our sales staff received certification from Kratos Safety for inspection and monitoring of fall arrest equipment.