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Focus on bottom trawls.

Ísfell´s tank trip is going to be held in the North Sea Center experimental tank at Hirtshals 20-23 of November. The main goal of the trip is to do tests on bottom trawls of various types and sizes. Also, Rock Trawl doors from Faroe Island will be tested along with Garware which introduces the latest in materials.

In the tank, Streamline trawls will be examined one and two together with two types of “High Lift” streamline trawls, which is a new design. Arctic trawls one and two together will also be shown, Arctic trawls are designed with H-Top and Streamline as a guide. Brim and Sóltoppur will also be displayed in the tank but they are part of the Arctic family.

The design of these trawls has, among other things, used a computer simulator that has given measurements that are very close to the actual numbers in use. It will be extremely exciting to see these fishing gear in the tank as well as to see what happens with the changes.

Arrangements for the trip are to be flown out to Copenhagen 20/11 then to Aalborg in the evening and on the 22/11 the group will be flown back to Copenhagen to stay one night or more before flying back home.

More information about registration and travel arrangements can be seen here.

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